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E50DSLAGC 50 hp 20" shaft with trim/tilt, white $5900.00

E90DPXAFD 90 hp 25" shaft with trim/tilt, white $7900.00

E135DHXABG 135 hp HO model, 25" shaft, white $10900.00

E150DPXABG 150 hp 25" shaft, white $11850.00

The Absolute finest Bird Deterrent available. Powered by the wind...They WORK!!!!!!!

Combination Rod/Drink Holders available in stainless steel, white or black nylon. Round or oval flange, 30 deg, 15 deg, or 0 deg. Stainless models have drain fitting at bottom of tube to allow discretionary drainage when installing in locker tops.                               Stainless: $119.95  Nylon: $17.99

When a fish strikes, just swap you drink for the pole and set the hook!!

Give the Gift of Recreation! Any Dollar Amount. No Expiration Date!

Frog Hooks For Sale. 46" Adjustable Models. All Hardware Included. Dock your boat without the need for pilings. Used but not abused. $350.00 per pair. ($1200.00 New)